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When Black Sheep Tourism’s founder Trish Shepherd joined American Express in 1980, she developed a love affair with travel. She learned a great deal on how Amex focused its marketing efforts on data segmentation, connecting the right products to the right demographic. What frustrated her back then was the inability travel members had to dissect their customer database for below-the-line marketing.

Zoom forward 30+ years, where digital and social media marketing are the norm, however, not much has changed for our travel colleagues. When we speak to travel agency, hospitality and tour operators, they’re still frustrated that their customer data sits in separate operating systems and is difficult to analyse for the best outcomes, for their specific needs.

We built Black Sheep to assist with this issue. No matter where your data is stored or what format it’s in, whether CSV, Excel or PDF, we can synchronise your data into a cloud-based, easy to use CRM. The data will incorporate customer profile data, including age and postcode. Along with past booking data, we will be able to provide information regarding your business that you never thought possible.

We want to help you understand your data and target segments and make recommendations on how you can achieve your business goals. Once your data is created you can keep it updated every month or quarter.

Our team is on hand at every step to ensure your business success. Let’s get started.

We can help you

  • Take your marketing back into your own hands
  • Grow your overall repeat client volumes
  • Expand and find new customers
  • Work closely with your closest travel suppliers
  • Support your marketing team's efforts


Travel CRM

As a travel agency or tourism operator, you likely have a difficult time merging all your customer data, from numerous programs and platforms, into one report. Your data views are limited, with no effective way to connect, sort and analyse your different data sets.

TravelSync is here to help. It’s a customised program that converts your customer records into a useable format. It’s accompanied by a powerful analytics tool to transform the way you communicate with your customers and grow your business.

TravelSync diagram

How It Works

We apply customised data cleansing routines to salvage and merge data sets into a universal format that connects to an interactive data dashboard called TravelSync. The dashboard provides mapping, demographic and customer/market profiling capabilities to elevate existing client targeting and communications strategies and identify opportunities to acquire new clients.

TravelSync Single-Use Program

CRM data cleansing and reporting to give you a current snapshot of customer and market data

TravelSync Full-Support Program

Data cleansing and analysis plus a powerful mix of tools and services to support ongoing business planning and marketing efforts


with your
best customers


what moves
your markets


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life for
your teams



Social, Digital and Media Management

Our marketing team can create, assist and support your business across:

  • Email marketing to segmented database
  • Media strategy for B2C and B2B launch and brand awareness
  • Media placements and competitive buying
  • Social media strategy development and execution
  • SEO improvements to produce real, ongoing results
  • Navigation through the world of digital media

Magnify Your Marketing
With These Website Tools

Boomerang Cart Abandonment

Don’t let abandoned shopping carts sit idle in your website. Boomerang is an automated email program that converts browsers into buyers, helping you recover 15% or more of lost online sales.

  • Boomerang works in the background of your website, gathering contact information as customers begin to finalise their shopping cart
  • If they abandon their cart, Boomerang sends up to three personalised emails encouraging them to complete their purchase

It’s as simple as that. Boomerang is a low-cost, high-impact way to recover lost revenue.


Capture contact information from your most engaged website visitors with eHunter. It’s a friendly pop-up form added to your website that’s designed to grow your email subscriber list and help you stay connected. 

Customised based on parameters you define, eHunter can increase the volume of web opt-ins up to 1,000%, with minimal investment.